Every day artefacts made special

About Bjorn Weird

We think gifts should be special and meaningful, and we know that it takes time to find a great one. So, so we have curated an ever changing set of unique artefacts.

There is no theme, no type, no specific cost , just a requirement to be unique, interesting and worthy of raising a smile.

The store is always changing and when things are gone, they are gone.

Love the less obvious , enjoy the weird!

We believe gifts should be unique, special and worth keeping. We buy, find and make artefacts that are small batches, rare or one-off objects.

Previous items
  • Plaster sisters

  • 3 legged Pete

  • Sticky Birds

  • FU Monkey

  • Sace Invader Stand

Party Ring:

  • Lamb,

  • Squirrel

  • Deer

  • Cat