Every day artefacts made special

About Bjorn Weird

We think gifts should be special and meaningful, and we know that it takes time to find a great one. So, so we have curated an ever changing set of unique artefacts.

There is no theme, no type, no specific cost , just a requirement to be unique, interesting and worthy of raising a smile.

The store is always changing and when things are gone, they are gone.

Love the less obvious , enjoy the weird!

We believe gifts should be unique, special and worth keeping. We buy, find and make artefacts that are small batches, rare or one-off objects.

New Drops coming soon

Some of our recent short runs that will be coming soon

"Across the pond "chopping board

English Oak & American Walnut chopping board, These are finished with beeswax and food grade mineral oil. The board comes with a Bjorn Weird wallhanger so they can stored without cluttering work surfaces.

The big brother of the Sprig vase is now available. Made from PLA and hand crafted wood texture, this bigger version holds more stems and is more imposing. Similar to its younger sister the big Sprig is designed to hold and showcase hedge row curb-side weeds such as Dandelions etc..

Big Sprig

Made in polished sterling silver, the farm and forest range includes the Lamb, Kitten, Squirrel and Fawn.

Fun, Kitcsch and cute

Farm and Forest Rings